Filiokus - what do we do?

Filiokus creates good quality, cotton dress-up costumes for kids. They are comfortable enough to wear like normal clothes but much more fun!

Dressing up gives children the freedom to behave in ways they normally don't. They loose their inhabitions, they let loose, they use their imagination, they act out different roles and they experiment with new ways of moving. It's an important part of a childs development and it's a lot of fun too!

We have had a great time creating our ranges. It's a joy to see kids become whatever creature or object they are wearing, and how animated and playful they are. It's much easier to imagine how a banana moves if you try one on!

We hope to trigger playful and silly behaviour every day with our costumes. We hope they will release a few smiles too along the way and make children feel happy, confident and special.

Quality is important to us. That's why we have made them in 100% cotton drill for comfort and durability. And we think having them made in New Zealand makes them extra special.

Filiokus costumes are comfortable and fun to wear all day, any day, anywhere.

The costumes are loose fitting, and sized to last for a couple of years. Our size Small suits have button fastening on both shoulders. Size Medium and Large suits come with velcro fastening on both shoulders so the kids can attempt to get them on and off themselves.

The fabrics are colour safe and wash well. All screenprints are original and printed with waterbased inks. Screenprinted costumes need to be washed on cold temerature to stay crisp.

This is our first range. More costumes will pop up on this website frequently - watch this space!

And - if you don't have a smile on your face after purchasing a Filiokus costume, please contact us and we will try our best to put that smile back on.