Ladybird & Antennae Hat

Colour Scheme
Red & Black

Ladybird invites, red cards with black spots.
Ladybirds, Ladybirds, Fly over to my Party!


  • Anything red & black - streamers, balloons, tablecloth, partyware.
  • Use red or green plastic plates & cups.
  • Decorate the party table with a red table cloth. Cut out black circles of different sizes and place on top of the table.
  • Add black spots with a permanent marker on red balloons or a red plastic table cloth.
  • Red party hats - add ladybird stickers or attach black pipe cleaners as antennae.
  • Make antennae's using headbands
  • Red & Black bunting - use material, felt, card or paper.

Simple and flexible activities work best.

Antennae's for Party Guests
Give each child an antennae, using inexpensive plastic headbands, pipe cleaners and Styrofoam balls or pompom balls.

Pin the Spot on the Ladybird
Exactly the same as Pin the Tail on the Donkey only children try to pin a missing spot on a ladybird. Draw a large picture of a ladybird with six spots. For one of the spots don't colour it in black, draw an outline. This will be the spot that the guests try and get their spot closest to when playing. Cut out several circles the same size as the missing spot on the poster. Colour them black and number them on the back - one number for each child. Blindfold the guests one at a time and have them try and stick the spot (use double sided tape on the back of the spot) as close to the missing one as they can. Closest wins a prize.

Creepy Crawly Corners
Label the 4 corners of the room 'Ladybirds', 'Spiders', 'Butterflies' and 'Worms'. Close your eyes and count to five, during which time the party guests must choose a corner to run to. Call out one of the 4 creepy crawlies and all the children in that corner are out. Continue until you have one Ladybird left.

The Grouchy Ladybug
Need some quiet time read Eric Carle's "THE GROUCHY LADYBUG" book.

Paint a rock
Paint a rock red and black, decorate it to look like a ladybird. Paint or glue on eyes. Smooth flat rocks work the best.


Party food
Anything red and black.
Cupcakes with red icing - plastic ladybirds on top (guests can take home)
Red & Black jellybeans
Red & Black lollies
Red Licorice
Red jelly

Bake a cake in a round cake tin, ice the cake with red icing decorated with brown Smarties or Chocolate Buttons. Add some black pipe cleaners as antennae.

Party Favours / Goodie Bags
Taking their antennae's home should be enough. If you want a little something extra make up a bag with black and red jelly beans, ladybirds stickers etc. Include an A5 laminated sheet with fun facts about Ladybirds.

Some suggestions below that you can use to put your goodies in.
Brown lunch bags with ladybird stickers
Chinese noodle boxes
Coloured paper bags
Cellophane bags
Red napkins

Ladybird - Fun Facts
  • In many countries, ladybirds are considered to be good luck.
  • When they fly, ladybirds flap their wings 85 times a second!
  • Ladybirds don't chew up and down, the way people do. They chew side-to-side.
  • The spots on a ladybug fade as the ladybirds gets older.
  • Ladybirds come in many colours - yellow, orange, pink, and red. Some ladybirds are black with red spots. Some have no spots at all.
  • Ladybirds secrete a yellow oil from their leg joints that stinks and tastes bad.
  • Birds don't eat ladybirds because their bright colours are a warning that they don't taste good.

Check out the $2 Shops, Spotlight, TradeMe, The Warehouse, Craft Shops for ready made invitations, ladybird beads, crepe paper, stickers, tattoos, cheap headbands, ribbon, plastic ladybugs, appliques, or buttons. Let your imagination run wild.